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Cardigan Sweater Materials

Cardigan sweaters come in a variety of materials for dozens of venues and types of wearers. While a cashmere cardigan, a knit cardigan or a crocheted cardigan are fancier for evenings out and semi formal parties, the wool cardigan, cotton cardigan or heavy cable knit cardigan are ideal for casual venues and people who love to feel comfy and loose.

There are cheap versions of cardigan sweaters for hanging out, such as the cardigan sweatshirt and plain cotton cardigan sweaters. A cheap cardigan sweater does not, however, have to mean shabby--there are hundreds of cheap cardigan sweaters in wool or knit that appear very refined and stylish.

Alternatively, cozy looking cable cardigans or cable knit cardigans such as the Irish cardigan can be rather costly if they are authentically and meticulously made. Any one person may have a dozen cardigan sweaters in different materials for various occasions like lunch, dinner or parties.