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Cashmere Cardigans

How sumptuous cashmere cardigan sweaters are! A cashmere cardigan is soft to the skin, tender to the touch and makes a woman or man feel exquisitely clothed and comfortable.

A man cashmere cardigan or women's cashmere cardigan makes a wonderful gift for that special someone on their birthday or favorite holiday. What's more, how often are beautiful objects really functional? A cashmere cardigan flatters all shapes and sizes, brings out beautiful skin tones, highlights and bone structures and is perfect for variety of occasions to boot!

A women's cashmere cardigan is ideal for a summer garden party--pair it with a silver broach or a pearl necklace.

A man cashmere cardigan is ideal for a book signing or business luncheon--complement the fabric with a crisp button-down and handsome slacks. O, the possibilities of a fine cashmere cardigan sweater!