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Free Knit Patterns for Cardigans

With a little focused searching through books, magazines and the web, you are certain to find free cardigan knitting patterns to start off your new hobby. A free cardigan sweater pattern is a great way to invest in a new tradition without investing too much money.

Free cardigan sweater patterns come in argyle, vintage, stripped, odd name it! So don't hesitate to hunt for a free cardigan knit pattern that will suit your individual fancies.

Start with a simple knit cardigan pattern to get your feet (or rather hands) wet and then you'll soon be able to move onto free crochet cardigan patterns that are a bit more intricate. With a cardigan sweater free knit pattern, you'll be whipping up handmade and thereby cheap cardigan sweaters in no time!

Knitting is a relaxing and therapeutic way to spend time and the resulting beautiful cardigans will without a doubt wow friends and family!