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Special Cuts for Cardigan Sweaters

How a cardigan sweater is cropped, lengthened or tailored very much dictates its fashion statement. A hooded cardigan or a cardigan jacket with leather inlays can be rather urban chic, while a shawl collar cardigan, a wrap cardigan or a long cardigan sweater is romantically elegant.

Wrap cardigans (including the cashmere cardigan wrap) and long cardigans are quite feminine and don't require a lot of accessorizing. Short sleeve cardigan sweaters as well as cropped cardigans are more girlish and could do with a few accents such as a bracelet or funky belt. The short sleeve cardigan can be a sophisticated look if paired with the right chinos or knee length skirt. A knit vintage cardigan is also a classy business dinner look for the sophisticated woman.

Whether you're sporting a trendy hooded cardigan or a 40's cardigan wrap, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple.