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Women's Cardigan Sweaters

Women around the world benefit from a wide array of women's cardigan sweaters from the casual woman cardigan in a light cotton to a classic cashmere cardigan wrap for dressy occasions (men on the other hand typically wear cardigans solely as casual wear).

While the Irish fishermen's cardigan sweater for women is popular with women and men alike, women can find lighter cardigans in wool, cotton or cashmere with lace, pearl or jewel accenting on the collar or buttons.

Slightly inappropriate for informal or semi-formal situations, fancier cardigans are ideal for garden parties, teas and showers. A women's cardigan is perfect as a jacket for chillier fall or late spring days. A red cardigan sweater or pink cardigan sweater is a nice splash of color on summer evenings over a tank or sundress. Lady cardigans come in all shapes and sizes, from a long cardigan sweater that skims the thighs to a short sleeve cardigan sweater that shows off a woman's delicate arms.

Class up a woman cardigan by making it a women's cashmere cardigan--how luxurious to smother oneself in a women's cardigan that creamily melts onto the skin. Alternatively, how cozy to snuggle oneself up in a woman's Irish knit cardigan that brings one right back to the hearth.