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Child Cardigans

There is nothing more endearing than wrapping your child up snug as a bug in a rug in a teeny cardigan sweater in cashmere, wool or cotton. A baby cardigan is perfect to keep your little one warm without overly squishing the child, particularly as babies love to wiggle about in their crib as well as in your arms. Any baby cardigan sweater is bound to keep that wide-eyed face happy and comfortable.

When the children age a bit, a girl cardigan or boy cardigan is ideal for semi-formal events such as church, the first day of school or dinner with the grandparents. Girl cardigan sweaters and boy cardigan sweaters come in zipper, button or belted versions so you can easily dress up your tot in this adorable garment. Girl cardigans are quite becoming on a little angel in pink merino wool or pastel cotton. Boy cardigans flatter itty bitty young men in blue patterned cable knit or truck designs.

If children are reluctant to wear jackets or dresses, boy and girl cardigans are great to let them feel special rather than confined. Baby cardigan sweaters, infant cardigans and little kid cardigan sweaters keep children safe, cozy and simply dressed.