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Colored Cardigan Sweaters

Brightly colored cardigan sweaters jazz up any occasion, while subtly tinted cardigans gracefully tone-down the mood of an event.

A red cardigan makes for a bold splash of color, particularly if the rest of the outfit is plainly hued. Red cardigan sweaters can look great with a dress or a pair of slick jeans. A chocolate brown cardigan sweater is a great fall option and can be worn with other earth tones. A pink cardigan is rather sweet and playful for springtime, especially with a sundress, skirt or pastel tee. A black cardigan or white cardigan can be dressy or casual depending on how a woman wears either--sheer or cashmere white and black over a dressy top make for beautiful semi-formal wear. A long cotton white cardigan is great for a brisk day at the beach, while a knit black cardigan sweater warms the chill of a casual winter afternoon. Colored cardigan sweaters are particularly adorable as twin sets.