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Wool Cardigans

A heavy wool cardigan has the potential to bring you all the comfort of the womb, while a finely knitted merino wool cardigan sweater can give you all the class of a First Lady. Wool cardigan sweaters are not only versatile, but beautiful to look at and slip on.

A man wool cardigan sweater makes a great garment for men who'd rather not dress up in sport coat for more casual dinners. In addition to semi formal attire, a man wool cardigan can be donned in a conventionally masculine space for unwinding such as a study or den. Younger men may opt to wear a man wool sweater with jeans and a t-shirt. Wool keeps a body warm without confining it.

A women's wool cardigan sweater similarly blends into formal and casual settings. A thin knit wool sweater is ideal for afternoon tea and brunch but is also comfortable around the house or at a breezy beach. A women's wool cardigan can dress her up or down, but still keep her feeling fabulously feminine and sweetly packaged up.