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Knitted Cardigans

A hand-knit cardigan sweater may take us back to our grandmother's sitting room and to her pair of antique needles. If you weren't fortunate enough to wear a knit cardigan from Grammy, you can at least buy a cable knit cardigan at a wool shop that specializes in knit cardigans that are authentically made with loving, skilled hands.

A cable cardigan or crocheted cardigan will keep you as warm as an Irish fisherman on the rough North Atlantic seas. If you're lucky enough to travel that way, invest in a traditional Irish cable knit cardigan so on cold nights at home you can curl up and reminisce about your cultural and historical journey.

Some of us nimble-fingered folk may even want to try our hand at a cardigan pattern. There are dozens of cardigan sweater patterns that make hand-knitting a cinch...well, at least a worthy endeavor. A crochet cardigan pattern is a great way to start knitting gifts for your own kin who will, in turn, cherish your thoughtful gift for years to come. Perhaps you would enjoy undertaking a large size cardigan knitting pattern for your husband or father. It's never too late to start a time-honored hobby like cardigan sweater knitting.