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Maternity Cardigan Sweaters

A plus size cardigan sweater can double as a maternity cardigan sweater as it allows for extra room in the midsection and is not cropped too short. However, while a plus size cardigan is looser proportionally all over the upper body, a maternity cardigan may just open up the waist portion of the sweater and leave the arm and shoulder regions as tight as a non-plus-sized sweater in a women's pre-pregnancy size.

Maternity cardigan sweaters are a popular option for mothers-to-be as they have a polished, romantic feel (particularly in cashmere and fine wool) without revealing too much of her new body shape. Heavier cable knit fishermen's sweaters are also frequently worn by pregnant women for crisp fall days and cool mornings around the house. A maternity cardigan jacket can double as a blazer for pregnant women at work. Maternity cardigans have a looser fit than blazers and provide more options for closure around the belly, as in the case of belted maternity cardigans, zipper maternity cardigans or button maternity cardigans.