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Other Cardigan Fabrics

There are a variety of fabrics in addition to cashmere and wool that transform the cardigan sweater effortlessly and make it an increasingly popular choice of clothing for men and women.

A cardigan sweater from chenille (simply, a chenille cardigan sweater) turns the traditional look into a romantic statement for women who love soft, semi iridescent fabrics. The sheer cardigan similarly glams up a woman and can be slung over the shoulders to complement a gown. A sheer cardigan is also great with camisoles or thin tanks for a night out. In the same manner, beaded cardigans and crocheted cardigans make great cover over formal wear, but are quite a bit more solid than the sheer cardigan for older women.

Cotton cardigan sweaters and cable knit cardigans balance in between casual and formal women's clothing (and occasionally men's clothing) since they are medium weighted and adaptable.

The casual fleece cardigan and cardigan sweatshirt are becoming more and more popular among young women and men, particularly with a zipper closing in the front and, in some cases, a hood. Whether comfy or dress, men's and women's cardigan sweaters are here to stay!