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Special Features of Cardigans

Ordinary cardigan sweaters can metamorphose into extraordinary with a little accenting. When you think of the cardigan, picture it with a snazzy belt, a neat tie front or a set of beaded buttons and voila! You have a fabulously original and spectacular garment.

The belted cardigan sweater, the tie front cardigan and the man button cardigan sweater can all take this cooler seasoned style to the next level of hip. A man cardigan with a zipper has become especially trendy among the younger generations; the zip cardigan gives the vintage cardigan a pop-cultural edge. Some members of young America have even appropriated the vintage argyle cardigan for a kind of punk, grunge look and why not transform the old to new? An up and coming trend is to don apparel with a cardigan front and leather back. Merging sweater materials and utility fabrics is a great way to stay warm, yet incredibly cool!