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Irish Knit Cardigan Sweaters

Irish cardigan sweaters have a rich history and a protracted future in the world because of their functionality, their idiosyncratic stitching and their rustic splendor.

Irish cardigans began as a rugged garment for fishermen who had to endure the North Atlantic wind. Now people across the globe can partake in this comforting delight with or without the pressure of the elements. If you're traveling through Ireland, be sure to purchase one of these hand-knitted sweaters as a keepsake as well as a daily homey touch to your wardrobe.

Or, if you are skilled at textile, why not look for an Irish cardigan sweater knit pattern with which to craft your own piece of the Old World. Although Irish cardigan patterns require a good deal of concentration and patience, the worthwhile yield will please you for seasons and seasons to come!